Multi-Portal Option

For extended enterprises or content providers to create and manage distinct LMS portals.

Multi-portal option

Evolve e-Learning LMS Multi-Portal option

The Multi-Portal option gives extended enterprises and content providers the ability to create distinct branded portals to their separate entities or customers. With just a few clicks in the Portal Manager new LMS portals can be created that allow for separate and distinct administration. While each new training portal can be branded and administered separately,courses can be shared from the master portal to any other portal.

Create separate training portals

Easily create separate training portals in the Portal Manager module for each customer or organizational entity that desires separate branding and administration.

Share courses across portals

Save administrative time by uploading course files once and sharing them to other portals.

Unique branding and administration

Each portal can have unique branding, individual email setup and separate customer administration.

Ecommerce option for designated portals

Activate the ecommerce integration easily when creating a new LMS portal by a simple button click.

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