Learner Dashbaord

User friendly interface for learners to manage their training.

User friendly learner dashboard

Evolve e-Learning LMS Learner Dashboard

Simple and user-friendly interface where learners take their training, register for additional courses and view all training history and status.

Learner Dashboard

Learners access their training using the simple graphical interface. From the dashboard learners have access to their training transript, certificates of completion, profile and course catalog.


An optional announcements module can be placed on the dashboard to provide announcements of any kind as well as links to other sites or resources. User message module can also be placed on the dashboard for messages from the training admin.

Course Resources

Training administrators can add additional resources such as .pdf files, YouTube videos and other information to courses for learners to view.

Course Catalog

Learners can view and register for courses and curricula that have been made available to them based upon criteria established by the training administrator.

My Transcript

Displays complete transcript of all of a learner's training. Learners can view review completed courses, certificates of completion, print trainging transcript and re-register for courses.

My Profile

Learners can view their training setup criteria defined in user-defined fields and change their password.

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