Automated Course Assignment

The Evolve LMS automates assignment of learners into their required training using its rule-based assignment engine.

Automated Course Assignments

Evolve e-Learning LMS Automated Course Assignment

Automatically register groups of learners into individual courses, course groups and/or curricula based on their specific criteria defined in the LMS.

You set the filtering rules for each course assignment, whether a course group or curricula based upon standard learner criteria such as their department or any of the 20 custom fields you create. When learners are added to the LMS by manual entry, bulk upload or through an automated interface with your HRIS or other system, they are automatically assigned to the training you setup that matches their criteria.

Courses, Course Groups and Curricula

Create course assignment filters to automatically assign to learners based upon the rules you create. Whether by department, job title, location, job category or any combination of learner or organizational information, the LMS will automatically assign training to learners.

Setup Courses for Delayed Enrollment

You can schedule required training such as OSHA or other elearning courses to display in your learners' dashboard page on the dates you establish.

Automatic Re-registration into Courses and Course groups

You'll no longer have to worry about setting up courses for subsequent training periods with the robust options provided in the Evolve LMS. You set the criteria for re-registration into courses, course groups or curricula based upon the number of days from completion or on set dates and let the LMS do the work.

Automate Email Reminders to Learners

Setup automatic email reminder messages for each course assignment, course group or curricula by frequency and duration.  Email reminders will be automatically sent to all learners who have not completed training.

Course Group Details

Course Group Design

Assign Learners

Course Group Email

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