Simple Administration

Advanced administrator dashboard for easy training administration!

Advanced Administrator Dashboard

Easily Manage Your Training Portal

The Evolve Learning Manager, LMS provides all the tools necessary to administer and manage your organization's training programs. Training administrators and Manager can have access to the the Administrator Dashboard that simplifies training administration, provides advanced charting and reporting, provides important information about current training status. The system can be easily tailored to the way you'll use it and includes customization and branding options to meet your organization's branding.

Site Settings

Setup default system email, welcome page message, learner self-registration and forgot password links and message.

User Messages

Create ad hoc user messages to send to users without email addresses. Increases your communications with learners.

Content Management

Easily configure the LMS modules you use or delete those modules you don't need.

Custom Fields

Create up to 20 custom fields that are used for reporting and creation of rule-based course and curricula assignment.

System Wide Email Management

Multiple automatic email messages are sent to users based upon triggers in the LMS. These can be for new users, completions, enrollments, reminders and more.

Bulk Upload

Bulk upload learners, department structure, course information and more into the LMS.

Admin Dashboard - Courses

Admin Dashboard - Users

Quick Reports

Quick Action

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