HIPAA Course Features & Benefits

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HIPAA Training - Features and Benefits

  • Covers HIPAA and HITECH privacy and security training requirements including the HIPAA Omnibus Rule.
  • Courses updated for 2015 to cover the new HIPAA Omnibus rule, Texas House Bill 300 (HB 300)
  • Three versions of the course are available, including Covered Entities, Business Associates and for organizations in Texas covered by Texas HB300
  • Course material is engaging and accurate
  • Courses include online HIPAA testing and certification
  • Online content, quiz, and test questions are directed to the content provided in the courses and are based on proven adult learning theory principles
  • Interactivities are used to engage the learner and hold his or her interest
  • Courses are mobile compatible
  • Includes course certificates for each student and course completion reports for proof of compliance
  • Learners and administrators have 24 x 7 access to courses and reporting features

Fast to Deploy, Track and Manage

  • Complete enterprise roll-out service for fast training setup.
  • Automatic course bookmarking
  • A course glossary of terms
  • Course completion certificate for each learner
  • Tracking and delivery on any SCORM or AICC compliant Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Or it can be deployed via the Internet using the Evolve LMS, our fully secured and backed up Internet based tracking system
  • Monitor learner progress
  • Run custom reports, and export data when needed
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