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e-Learning Courses to Turn Your Sales Team into a Sales Machine! Greatness does not come without great sales training and great sales processes.

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Predictable Revenue Toolkit for Leaders

Vado partnered with the authors of the best-selling book, Predictable Revenue to create bite sized, e-learning courses that build the skills needed to Triple Qualified Leads, Close More Deals, Save Time and Money, and to Build a World Class Sales Team.

e-Learning Courses to Turn Your Sales into a Sales Machine - Greatness does not come without great sales training and great sales processes

  • Triple Qualified Leads - Learn how sales team specialization and technology will 10X your lead gen efforts
  • Close More Deals - With better training, more leads, and more prospect touches, your team will close more deals
  • Build a World Class Team - Use this playbook to build your own Predictable Revenue generating team

These courses can be delivered on your LMS or the Evolve LMS. Contact us to discuss your training requirements and to schedule a free trial of the courses.

The following courses make up the Predictable Revenue e-learning Toolkit

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Predictable Revenue: An Introduction

How to Triple Your Sales
In any organization, sales matter. We all know this. It’s no big secret—sales keep the doors open and create company revenue. However, what really matters is not our ability to get by, but our ability to thrive—and the right sales engine allows any organization to do just that.

Welcome to the Predictable Revenue Series. This set of e-learning courses will help you know what’s required to create scalable revenue, a repeatable system, and gain piece of mind knowing that the system you’ve put in place will do its job and ultimately help triple your sales!

By completing this course you will find out what’s required to crush your growth goals and create predictable sales.

Why Sales People Shouldn’t Prospect
If you want to grow consistent and predictable revenue for your organization, then your sales people shouldn’t prospect. This may sound crazy and counter intuitive, but trust us, you don’t want your sales people cold calling. It’s the right thing to do.

This course will help you know why it's important to specialize your sales team and how this simple action can help you triple your sales.

By completing this course, you will know why sales people shouldn’t do their own prospecting.

Sales Tools and Technology
Sales and technology are a perfect combination. Successful sales leaders use technology within their organizations to increase productivity and are able to leverage these tools to increase revenue growth. While you are probably using a number of technology tools already, the question any sales leader should ask is this—Are we using the right tools in the best way possible to help our organization grow and increase sales? Maybe your answer is yes—if so, that’s great. But maybe it’s no, or perhaps you’re unsure. If that’s the case, this course is for you. Spending some time making sure you have the right technology in place, and that your team knows how to use the technology (and is actually using it too), can make the difference between hitting your target and tripling your revenue.

By completing this course, you will be able to determine how you will use technology to support your sales initiatives.

Lead Generation: Seeds (Customer Success)

Seeds and Word of Mouth
Seeds is word-of-mouth lead generation. Seed” are highly profitable. Word-of-mouth leads are the fastest to close and have the highest win rates. There’s nothing better than that! Unfortunately, it’s almost impossible to proactivity grow these types of leads—so what’s a leader to do? The best way to methodically grow your “Seeds” is with a dedication to Customer Success, which reduces customer churn, increases upsells, increases referrals and improves marketing content. By completing this course, you will understand the value of word-of-mouth lead generation.
Customer Success and Growth
The best way to triple your sales is to triple your qualified leads—not by tripling your salespeople. In fact, lead generation is the fastest and most reliable way to grow your revenue—and existing customers are one of the best ways to grow your leads. For this course you will learn about the key drivers required to help your customers be more successful, and thus increase your bottom line through customer referrals, renewals and additional sales. By completing this course, you will be able to determine how you will use technology to support your sales initiatives.
Lifetime Customer Value
In addition to the direct revenue you receive from your customers, there is another figure that can be attached to a customer that is often overlooked when considering the overall value a customer brings to your company. That is the referral revenue brought on through testimonials, talking to friends, as well as when customers change jobs and purchase your products and services at their new company. For this course you will learn how to calculate the customer lifetime value for any customer to help make the business case to your team and company leaders for investing in developing a strong and effective customer success team. By completing this course, you will be able to calculate the true customer value to your bottom line.

Lead Generation: Nets (Inbound Marketing)

A “Triple” Framework for Lead Generation
Common Marketing Failures
The Most Important Growth Metric

Lead Generation: Spears (Outbound Prospecting)

Outbound Prospecting: The Business Case
Building an Outbound Team
Maintaining an Outbound Team

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