Medical OSHA Courses

OSHA Safety Training Courses for Healthcare Organizations

Our online OSHA courses developed for healthcare organizations will help to ensure your staff has the knowledge and skills to work safely and protect your organization from reportable injuries and lost work time. These interactive, self-paced courses are available on demand for workers when their busy work schedules permit. All courses are mobile compatible and include audio narration, interactivities, knowledge checks and a final assessment. Learners receive a certificate of completion when they pass each course.

Deliver The Courses on Your LMS or the Evolve LMS - All Courses Are Mobile Compatible

The courses can be licensed to be delivered on your LMS or can be be delivered on the Evolve LMS. Our enterprise license model for large organizations provides a fixed cost for all staff training. Contact us to schedule a free course evaluation and LMS demonstration and to discuss your specific training requirements.

You can also purchase individual courses and course bundles for additional savings now through our online store for easy learner self-registration.

Backcare / Ergonomics

Backcare / Ergonomics

Backcare / ergonomics training for workers to help prevent musculoskeletal disorders.

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Bloodborne Pathogens

Bloodborne Pathogens training for Healthcare Workers

Online bloodborne pathogens training course for healthcare workers.  

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Chemical Safety

Chemical Safety training

Inform your staff on chemical hazards and how to safety store and use them.

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Compressed Gas Safety

Compressed Gases Safety training

Inform your staff about the uses, hazards and safe use of compressed gases.

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Electrical Safety

Electrical Safety training

Online Electrical Safety training course for healthcare organizations.

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Fire Safety

Fire Safety training

Fire Safety course to protect your employees and patients from fire hazards.

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Flammable Liquid Safety

Flammable Liquide Safety training

Online Flammable Liquid Safety course to avoid fires from handling flammable liquids.

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Formaldehyde Safety

Formaldedyde safety training

Online Formaldehyde Safety training course to ensure safe handling of formaldehyde.

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Hand Hygiene

Hand Hygiene training

Online Hand Hygiene course that provides an overview of the practices for hand antisepsis.

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Hazard Communication

Hazard Communications trainingtraining

Online Hazard Communications training course to protect your staff from chemical hazards.

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Infection Control

Infection Control training

Online Infection Control training course to protect your staff from HAI's.

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Laboratory Safety

Laboratory safety training

Online Laboratory Safety course to provide your staff the knowledge to work safely in a laboratory.

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Laser Safety

Laser Safety training

Educate healthcare workers about the risks associated with laser use in the workplace.

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Latex Allergy

Latex Allergy training

Inform your staff about products and practices that can trigger a latex allergy.

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Patient Abuse and Neglect

Patient Abuse and Neglect training

Educate your staff to recognize and prevent patient abuse and neglect from happening.

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Patient Rights

Patient rights training

Online Patient Rights course so your staff knows to protect the rights of your patients.

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Personal Protective Equipment

Personal protective equipment training

Online PPE course so your staff can ensure they wear the correct PPE for the hazards they face.

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Preventing Workplace Violence

Preventing workplace violence training

Training to protect your staff and patients from workplace violence incidents.

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Radiation Safety

radiation safety training

Train your staff on safe work practices when working with radiation sources and hazards.

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Safe Patient Handling

Safe patient handling training

Online Safe Patient Handling course so your staff can move patients safely.

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TB Protection

TB Protection for Healthcare Workerstraining

Educate your staff about the risks, treatment and prevention of TB to increase safety in your workplace.

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Additional OSHA Courses

Slips, Trips & Falls

TB Protection for Healthcare Workerstraining

Give your staff the skills to reduce slips, trips and falls, the #1 cause of work-related accidents.

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