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Training is an essential element to an ergonomics program success since most ergonomics training programs emphasize a hands-on approach to understanding the importance of correct ergonomics to avoid and prevent injuries. Back injuries, often caused by poor lifting techniques, wear-and-tear during competitive sports or stretching of the muscles without proper warm-up are the most common causes of back injuries.

With Evolve e-learning your staff can easily learn about muscle pulls, tears, numbness, nerve-tensions and other injuries caused by repetitive stress and learn ways to minimize accidents and injuries to avoid serious ergonomic injuries. The online course is designed to bring awareness of the risks of back injuries and other musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) in the workplace and to provide an overview of the principles and practices necessary for further prevention.

It is now up to these modern-day organizations and corporate offices to develop a system to maintain stimulating and healthy environments for the employees, or the employees themselves should fend for the right type of ergonomic training to stay protected.

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