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    HIPAA Privacy & Security
    OSHA for Healthcare
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    OSHA Courses for Manufacturing & General Industry
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    Customer Service Skills
    Management & Supervisory Skills
    Microsoft Office
    Project Management
    Network Security
    Medical Coding & Billing
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Deliver organizational training programs on your LMS or the Evolve LMS!

Getting access to high quality, on-demand training has never been easier or more cost effective than with Evolve e-Learning Solutions. We offer a compelling range of high quality, cost-effective and mobile compatible courses that can be delivered on your LMS or the Evolve LMS.

Training for Organizational Compliance and Employee Professional & Technical Skills Development

HIPAA Privacy & Security

Protect patient privacy with these interactive HIPAA Privacy & Security courses for healthcare organizations, business associates and a Texas HB300 specific course.

OSHA for Healthcare

Give your staff the knowledge and skills to work safely, protect your patients and protect your organization from reportable injuries and lost work time.

Human Resources / EEO

Ensure your organization's compliance with key HR/EEO regulations. Our mobile ready course library includes CA, NY, and CT state specific sexual harassment training.

OSHA Safety

Ensure employee safety and environmental compliance with our complete library of OSHA safety courses developed for manufacturing and general industry.

Business Skills Development

Improve employee engagement, operational effectiveness and grow your bottome-line by delivering these bite-sized learning courses to managers and employees.

Microsoft Office/Office 365

Improve your skills and increase employee productivity by providing them with the training to increase their knowledge and proficiency with the latest Microsoft Office programs.

We Offer Multiple Options to Manage and Deliver Online Training

Use the Evolve LMS to deliver and manage Evolve's training courses and your own training content.

  • Graphical charts to easily view current training status.
  • Select standard and filters to quickly view training status on groups of learners.
  • Create Advanced Filters to analyze training status selected groups of learners.
  • Easily view system login activity in the Users Dashboard.
  • Quick Action buttons to add new learners, new courses, new course assignments, import learners and more...
  • Quick Reports option to easily view select saved reports that you use frequently.

Click Here to learn more about the dashboards and LMS administration.

Use your current LMS to deliver Evolve's engaging course content.

We offer a new and simple method to deliver SCORM conformant courses on your LMS that does not require you to upload large SCORM files to your LMS.

  • We email you a small course "stub" file that you load to your LMS.
  • You create learning assignments in your LMS as you normally do.
  • Learners launch their courses just as they normally do.
  • Courses launch from our content server saving you bandwidth and server storage space.
  • Course updates occur without you uploading new SCORM files to your LMS, saving your LMS administrator valuable time.
  • When a new version is added, new students are automatically updated to the new course version. There is no disruption in the content experience for learners already taking a course.

Click Here to get more information about course delivery on your LMS.

Our Clients

  • University of New England
  • Biologics Today
  • ACE Precision
  • Cardio DX
  • Granger Medical Clinic
  • National Spine & Pain Centers
  • Senderra Specialty Pharmacy
  • Asheville Gastroenterology Associates
  • Interactive Health
  • Public Health Solutions
  • Ascensia Diabetes Care
  • MedImpact
  • University of Vermont
  • Winchester Physician Associates
  • First Step Foot Care
  • Silver Falls Dermatology & Allergy
  • Med Express
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