Human Resources / EEO
Compliance Training

Ensure your organization's compliance with key HR/EEO regulations,
Our online Human Resources / EEO courses such as Sexual Harassment, ADA, Ethics, Hiring and Lawful Termination, will help protect your organization against workplace related litigation and will help create a fair workplace for all employees. The suite of interactive human resources / employment law courses have been developed with leading employment law experts and are designed to document compliance and greatly reduce risk.

Human Resources EEO Compliance Courses

Reduce Your Organization's Risk of Fines

Human resources pros know that great training for the workforce can save a lot time, improve employee retention, and avoid liability for the organizations they support. Yet, the coordination of workforce training is something many HR professionals struggle with, and providing a quality experience is even more difficult, especially with a limited budget. But there’s no reason that orientation training in employment law, or mandatory, annual training in courses like ethics and sexual harassment, has to be problem for you or the workforce you manage.

We also deliver a 2-hour course for Sexual Harassment prevention mandated for supervisors in California.

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Deliver The Courses on Your LMS or The Evolve LMS - All Courses Are Mobile Compatible

These courses can be licensed to be delivered on your LMS in SCORM or AICC format or can be also be delivered on the Evolve LMS. Organizations who need a custom course library of courses can contact us to schedule a demonstration and discuss your requirements.
You can also purchase individual courses and course bundles for additional savings now through our online store for easy learner self-registration.

CA Sexual Harassment for Supervisors AB1825

Sexual Harassment for Supervisors

Protect your organization from sexual harassment and bullying charges.

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Computer Security

Computer Security

Protect computer systems and networds from malware and virus attacks.

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Preventing Harassment and Discrimination

preventing harassment and discrimination

Ensure your workplace is harassment and discrimination free.

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Driver Safety

Online Driver Safety training

Protect employees while they are driving their personal or business vehicles.

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Drug & Alcohol-Free Workplace

drug and alcohol free workplace training

Learn to identify and prevent drug and alcohol abuse in the workplace.

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ethics training

Train your employees to recognize their responsibility to comply with ethical work standards.

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Preventing Workplace Violence

Preventing workplace violence training.

Give your healthcare staff the skills to prevent and identify workplace violence incidents.

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Sexual Harassment Prevention

Sexual Harassment Prevention training

Give your staff the skills to identify and prevent sexual harassment in the workplace.

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Violence in the Workplace

Violence in the workplace training

Give your staff the skills to identify and protect themselves in workplace violence incidents.

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Healthcare Compliance EssentialEssential Courses for Compliance

$3200per learner
  • 7 Courses
  • HIPAA & Medical OSHA Courses
  • Volume Discounts Available
  • 12 month access to courses
  • Phone & Email Support

Healthcare Compliance CompleteOur Best-Selling Plan

$4900per learner
  • 14 Courses
  • HIPAA, Fraud & Abuse & Medical OSHA Courses
  • Volume Discounts Available
  • 12 month access to courses
  • Phone & Email Support

OSHA Essentials for HealthcareOSHA Training for Healthcare Bundle

$2000per learner
  • 5 Courses
  • Medical OSHA Courses
  • Volume Discounts Available
  • 12 month access to courses
  • Phone & Email Support
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